Building Automations

Building Wranggle Automations

In these tutorials, you'll learn how to write Wranggle automation scripts — scripts that control the browser, navigating pages and filling out forms on behalf of a user, interacting with the user to ask questions and report results. Afterwards, you'll be able to write automations worth sharing, perhaps one that zips your HR department through their checklist when a new employee is hired, or one for Sales, to update their database with news about key customers, or one for yourself because it's fun.

Wranggle Browser Extension

If you haven't already, you'll need to install the Wranggle browser extension.


These tutorials assume you are comfortable programming in javascript (ES6/2015), particularly with the use of asynchronous functions (promises and/or callbacks.) Some experience with Node.js is helpful.


Development server, import/require, and your own IDE

This tutorial shows you how to set up Wranggle's dev-mode server, letting you write automations in your own editor/IDE, using normal import/require statements.

Kahba: automate the browser

This tutorial explores Wranggle's Kahba API, showing you how to write full Wranggle automations that can navigate across pages to act on behalf of the user. This is the main Wranggle tutorial.

Prefab UI: interact with the user

This tutorial explores Wranggle's Prefab API, which lets your automation interact with the user without you having to write any custom UI yourself.