Developer Preview

Developer Preview

Thanks for giving Wranggle a try! Your feedback is very much appreciated: [email protected]

The best way to get started is to complete the hands-on tutorials.

Warnings, Caveats, Security

Wranggle is not yet feature complete but is ready for software developers to productively write and run automations.

Security todos:

  • Encrypted storage. Until ready, avoid storing passwords and sensitive data

  • Blacklist/whitelist user preferences to block automations from running on specified sites/locations

  • Load the default UI for the popup in a different origin/host for an extra layer of isolation

Notable features not yet available:

  • Firefox and other browser support

  • Iframe support. Automation scripts cannot currently run inside a page's iframes. Most likely, iframe support will take the form of a secondary script declared in your automation's registry to run inside iframes

  • Macro Recorder and GUI tools to generate automations with zero or minimal programming.

  • The pay/pro features listed below

General warnings:

  • During developer preview, API changes will get relatively short deprecation/warning time. (The opposite of an LTS release.)

  • Keep a manual backup of your embedded automations. Source code for embedded automations are only stored locally in the browser and is not synced, versioned, or backed up.

What to expect regarding paid features

What stays free: writing, running, and updating your own automations for personal use.

Wranggle plans on charging for:

  • a feature to build an automation as a standalone browser extension

  • a service for sharing and updating automations among non-programmer teams/departments at a company

  • various services hosted on Wranggle servers, such as storage for screenshots, backup/syncing of durable stores, running headless smoke tests, etc.

  • enterprise-style features (eg, setting automation-specific configurations by user; self-hosted private registry of automations; granular permissions; etc)

  • TBD: access to curated lists of well-written, third-party automations